Why email readings only?

Email readings are convenient for you, the client. You do not need to plan an appointment. Email me a question or a topic, and I will send your reading by email in text form with a photo or two of your cards. You can then read it at your own leisure, and print out to save and check back on at a later time.

From my end, I prefer to do email readings for a few reasons. I am an introvert, and I think best when I am alone. Social jitters tends to put a clamp on my intuition, and I just don’t read as well. Also, I find that I am better able to provide a well-thought out response when I feel I have ample time to work on your reading, rather than just giving an off-the-cuff, real-time response. That’s just how my brain works best. I want to provide you the best reading I can, so I only provide written readings.


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